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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

Use this Referral Form to tell us about yourself or the person you are referring...

The referral form is designed to enable us to understand your problems, and allocate the best person to help you. Don't worry if you can't fill in all of it, just do what you can.

The information you provide on this form is sent securely to our web site, but we would advise not using this form if you are viewing this page on a public computer.

An alternative version, for downloading and completing offline, is available by clicking this link.

Download it, print it out and fill it in, returning it to us by post or by hand delivery.

Please Note

There will be no charge made for cancellation of appointments when 24 hours notice is provided. However non-attendance of appointments will incur a charge.




Is it OK to contact you at this address?

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Contact Telephone Number:

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Date of Birth:



Is an interpreter required?

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Who do you live with?

Name, Agency and Contact number of person making the referral:

Date of Referral:

Is this referral made with your full agreement?

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Are your Parents/Guardian aware of this referral?

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Are you In Care/Care Leaver?

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Have you seen a counsellor before?

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If yes, who and how long ago?

Do you have a Doctor?

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If ‘Yes’ please give the name and address and telephone number if possible:

Do you have any medical conditions that we need to know about? If yes please specify:

How do you cope when you are stressed or things are going wrong?

Are you taking any prescribed medication that we need to know about?

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If ‘Yes’ please give details:

Are you receiving support from any other professional?

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If ‘Yes’ please tick the ones which apply:

Psychologist Nurse
Consultant/Medical Specialist CPN (Community Psychiatric Nurse)
Counsellor Psychiatrist
Dietician Social Worker
Other (please specify)

Who is there to support you in terms of family or friends?

Do you have a learning difficulty or disability?

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If ‘Yes’ please give details:

Is there a reason why you would have a preference for a male or female counsellor?

Please make us aware of any issue that could affect availability e.g. school, work, training etc

Please tell us briefly what issues or feelings are worrying you at the moment, and that you would like to talk about with the counsellor.

If funding has been agreed please give details of where and to whom the invoice needs to be sent



We invoice monthly and only charge for sessions completed although sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will still be charged at the full rate.