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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

Agreement forms for Time to Listen Counselling and Therapy Services

Links to the agreement forms for the range of counselling and therapy services offered by Time to Listen are listed below. Select the correct form number — you should have been informed as to which one is appropriate; if in doubt, please get in touch. Take your time to read before signing, as this agreement forms a contract between yourself and Time to Listen CIC.

Client Agreement for funded 1:1 Adult / Older Child Therapeutic Sessions.

Client Agreement for Adult / Older Child Therapeutic Trainee Counsellor Sessions.

Agreement for Parents / Carers / Guardians Undertaking Attachment Focused Parenting Training.

Therapeutic Agreement for Parents/Carers/Guardians undertaking Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP).

Counselling and Therapeutic Agreement for Parents/Carers/Guardian for a Child’s Individual Therapy.