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Parents’ / Guardians’ Evaluation of Attachment Focused Parenting Training

The aim of the Attachment Focused Parent Training (AFPT) was to help you to overcome some of the emotional difficulties and complex parenting issues that you were facing by helping you to develop your understanding and ability to apply family-centred strategies to create an attachment-focused, nurturing and secure relationship with your child / children.

Time to Listen would greatly appreciate your feedback in relation to your participation in this training programme. Your feedback and evaluation will help us to continually strive to improve our counselling and therapeutic services and to underpin future service planning and funding applications. Your feedback will be completely anonymised for the purpose of project and service evaluation reports.

With sincere thanks in anticipation of your feedback

Kind regards


Gail Thornton

Founder / Chairperson

Your Full Name

Name of the Therapist who provided your AFPT Sessions at Time to Listen

Today’s Date

How were your AFPT sessions funded?
Charitable funding arranged by Time to Listen
Adoption Support Fund (ASF) arranged by an Adoption Social Worker

1. Please briefly outline what you wanted / expected from attending the Attachment Focused Training sessions at the outset.

2. What difference has the training made to your parenting? It’s okay to tick more than one box, below.

I understand more about attachment and how this affects my child / children

I understand more about my child / children’s needs and how I can best meet them

I’ve learned different ways of parenting my child / children

My relationship with my child / children has improved

Please outline any other differences the training has made to your parenting, in the box below.

3. If applicable, has the Attachment Focused Training made a difference to how you and your partner parent together (If you are a couple)? Select one only

Positive Difference

Negative Difference

No Difference

Not Applicable

4. How much of what you have learnt will you use in your everyday parenting? Select one only


A lot


Very Little


5. Has attending the training helped your child / children in any of the following ways? It’s okay to tick more than one box

Helped improve their attachment to me / my partner

Helped my child / children’s behaviour in a positive way

Helped my child / children express their feelings in an appropriate way

Helped increase my child / children’s self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence

Please add into the box below any other ways that you believe the training has helped your child / children.

6. How close do you think the training has come to fulfilling your initial goals / expectations which you had at the start of these training sessions? Select one only

All achieved

Most achieved

Some achieved

Very few achieved

None achieved

Any other comments:

7. How satisfied were you with the Therapist who provided the training with you? Select one only



Not very


8. Overall, how satisfied are you with the service you received?



Not very


9. Is there anything else you’d like to say about the Attachment Focused Training received and / or the facilities provided by Time to Listen? Please feel free to include any comments about the location, counselling / training room, content of the training, style of delivery, etc

Would you be willing for your comments to be anonymously used in our publicity, service and project evaluations? For example, cited on our website, shared with Ofsted and Charitable Funding organisations?
Yes No

Are you happy for your comments to be shared with your counsellor / therapist and other members of the Time to Listen Team?
Yes No

Please note, your completed form will be shared with the Social Worker supporting you / your family, if applicable, as part of our regular review process.

Should you wish to discuss your feedback in any greater depth, please contact

Janet Woodhouse, Operational Service Manager
Time to Listen Limited
Marvell House Children’s Centre
Cranbourne Street

Email: admin@timetolisten.co.uk
M: 07920 036737