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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

Our privacy policy...

The data submitted through all the forms on this website is stored for our own professional use, solely in relation to the services we provide. 

We analyse the traffic passing through this web site by use of Google Analytics. This enables us to see some unique as well as aggregate information including:

  • Which browsers are being used to view the site.
  • Which operating system is being used.
  • The rough geographical location of the user down to town or city level. In addition, the server log files will store additional data such as the apparent IP address of the user.

This data allows us to monitor website usage, to see which parts of the site are most popular, and to see how visitors get to the site and navigate through it. We are not interested in individual users data unless they are abusing the site, in which case the data may be used as part of an investigation.

We reserve the right to identify anyone abusing or attempting to gain unauthorised access to areas where authorisation is required. As part of the conditions of use of this site we ask that you authorise the Google Analytics cookies, purely to help us see where we can improve things. We do not store any data in the cookies that can personally identify you within that data alone. As part of an investigation into unauthorised access, we would be able to contact the website hosts and the identified ISP that matches the IP address of the abusing machine, and this would then allow identification. The cookies in themselves are not capable of this type of identification.

No data is passed to any other third party.

Funding grants successfully awarded from the following have enabled Time to Listen to thrive and grow as an essential therapeutic service despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding has enabled Time to Listen to continue being responsive to the needs of our local communities.

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