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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

Founder / Director of Time to Listen

Gail Thornton

Gail Thornton has worked with children and young people since 1989, initially in education but then moving, in 2001, to working with those in the care of the local authority. In 2005 she began her career as a counsellor specialising in working with vulnerable children and young people, founding and managing the YPSS Counselling and Therapeutic Service on behalf of Hull City Council. The service was committed to meeting the needs of children and young people in Hull by providing an approach that was respectful of and responsive to the client’s preferences, needs and values, and ensuring that these principles guided all decisions.

In 2013 the local authority brought the YPSS Counselling and Therapeutic service to an end and with it the access to free specialised counselling services. As Gail felt so strongly that it was important to continue this essential work with vulnerable young people she set up Time to Listen, a ‘not for profit’ organisation, which continues to be committed to children, young people and families. Their mental health remains a priority ensuring support and early intervention to enable and maintain their emotional wellbeing. Gail also provides external training on a wide range of subjects for Local Authorities, Schools and other agencies that work with children covering neuroscience, attachment, resilience and other areas dealing with the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Gail is a DDP Practitioner, experienced Person-Centred psychotherapist and supervisor with children, young people and families. Her first degree (BSc Hons) is in Psychology, which she achieved through the Open University (1998), going on to gain her Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling at York St John (2005). She then went on to study for a Certificate in Supervision with Jenny Biancardi in Newcastle (2008) as well as training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), a trauma and phobia therapy (2007). After achieving her Masters in Counselling Children and Young People at Nottingham University (2011), she went on to gain a Certificate in Therapeutic Play studying with Margot Sunderland at The Institute for Arts, in London (2012). It was here that she first became inspired by meeting Dan Hughes and his concept of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. She studied alongside Dan and Geraldine Casswell becoming the first certified DDP Practitioner in the East Riding of Yorkshire. She is also a registered Adoption Counsellor (2013) and a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor with Children and Young People (2013). In January 2018 Gail was successful in obtaining Ofsted registration in order to allow Time to Listen to become an Adoption Support Service. In order to provide counselling for any issues relating to adoption this is a requirement by law.

In addition to providing therapy for the local authority, schools and private referrals Gail is constantly seeking external funding from charities and other grant providers, in order to provide free access to counselling services for anyone living in Hull and East Riding and who meets the specific criteria of Time to Listen. Though there are services offering counselling for children and young people, many have some specific criteria which needs to be met, i.e. diagnosed mental health problem, being in receipt of certain benefits, or the local authority have a statutory duty to assist. However, there are a large proportion of children, young people and their families, in and around the city of Hull, that do not meet these criteria and they are not in a position to pay for private therapy, which is often all that is available to them.


Tel: 07810 503830




Comprehensive Resource Model CRM - Trauma Therapy 2019

DDP Practitioner • DDP connects UK • 2017

Dyadic Developmental DDP Psychotherapy • Network London • 2016

Registered Attachment Focused Counsellor • Barnardos 2013

Registered Adoption Counsellor • Barnardos • 2013

Senior Accredited Psychotherpist Children and Young People • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) • 2013

Certificate in Therapeutic Play • London Institute for Arts • 2012

Masters in Counselling Children and Young People • Nottingham University • 2011

Certificate in Supervisory Management • Hull City Council • 2009

Certificate in Counselling Supervision • Newcastle Jenny Biancardi Consultancy • 2008

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprogramming Therapist (EMDR) • York EMDR Workshops Ltd • 2007

BACP Accredited Counsellor • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) • 2007

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling • York St John • 2005

Diploma in Hypnotherapy • Northern Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapists • 2000

Certificate in Counselling • York St John • 2000

BSc (Hons) Psychology • Open University • 1998

Certificate in Education: Further Education (Cert Ed) • Nottingham Trent University • 1996

Operational Service Manager / Director

Janet Woodhouse

Janet Woodhouse joined Time to Listen in May 2019 and currently fulfils the role of Operational Service Manager. Janet’s responsibilities include day to-day team and service management; developing and reviewing policies and procedures; handling enquiries; coordinating training events; financial management; and supporting service developments, evaluations and grant applications.

Janet enjoyed a 25 year long career as a mental health nurse during which she achieved a BSc degree in Community Nursing (Mental Health), was awarded the qualification of Specialist Community Practitioner (Community Mental Health Nursing) and gained an MSc with Distinction in Health Professional Studies (Leadership) at the University of Hull. She also successfully developed a small self-employed business providing a range of support services to families in her local area.

In light of her career background and due to the fact that she is an adoptive parent herself, Janet is a well informed and proactive enthusiast of the range of therapeutic services offered by Time to Listen.


Tel: 07920 036737



Lesley Chester, Director at Time to Listen.


Lesley Chester

Lesley Chester has been a Director at Time To Listen since its inception in 2013.

Prior to retiring Lesley worked at the Department for Work and Pensions which is when her work on the Income Support section brought her in to contact with Gail Thornton at YPSS and she was able to give benefit advice in respect of young people.

Before working at DWP Lesley worked for Humberside County Council in the Road Design department and in the Town and Country Planning department. Whilst with Humberside County Council she also worked as a civilian for Humberside Police in Scenes of Crime as a Plan Drawer. When Humberside County Council was disbanded she transferred to Hull City Council’s Graphic Design Unit.

Lesley fully supports the ethos of Time To Listen in its quest to help children, young people and their families.



Business Administration Apprentice

Shauna Murray

Shauna Murray joined Time to Listen 8th February 2021 and is our very first Apprentice taking the role of the Business Administrator.

Although Shauna works within our administration area, she has a history of working alongside children, within her first role she completed 6 months of volunteer work in a youth centre (2016-17), National Citizens Service (2017), Sports Coaching, Student Leadership and Refereeing for primary and secondary schools including working with disabilities in sport across these age groups (2017/2018) and volunteer work in nurseries (2019/2020).

Shauna when applying for Time to Listen loved the aims of the company and how we worked, she has been on the receiving end of counselling and so has a great understanding of counselling services and is well acquainted with how counselling and therapeutic services are run. Time to Listen’s service is one she found outstanding and provided services in such innovating ways she just had to represent the company and in her own way give back to others the essential help they need!


  • First aid Training/Awareness Session
  • Humberside Fire and Rescue Service
  • National Citizen Service 30 hours
  • Dodge Ball Leadership Award
  • 3-Week Badminton Officiating Award
  • Coaching Rugby Teams During Tournaments
  • Aptitude Test Voluntary Hours (20 hours)
  • Represented St Marys Sports College as a Student Speaker
  • Bocca Course and Officiating Certificate
  • New Age Kurling Officiating Course
  • Pentathlon Student Leader
  • Referee for Basketball Games
  • Para-Table Tennis Officiating
  • Coaching Secondary P.E. Sessions
  • Swimming Competition Leader
  • Safeguarding and Safety Training
  • Food Hygiene Training
  • Creating Risk Assessments
  • Session Planning
  • Early Years Trainee Briefing (2019)
  • Self-Harm Training Video – Understanding, Helping and Supporting Children and Adolescents who Self-Harm (18/02/21)
  • Safeguarding Adults level 1 (26/04/21)
  • Safeguarding Children level 1 (07/04/21)
  • Workplace Wellbeing: How to build confidence and manage stress (4-Week course)
  • Emotional Intelligence at work (4-Week course)



Telephone: 07508 493401

Counsellor / Director at Time to Listen

Julie White

Julie White joined Time to Listen as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in July 2016. Julie works therapeutically with children, young people and families. She provides appropriate therapeutic interventions for a range of issues meeting the individual needs of those accessing the service.

Julie received her Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and is working towards achieving her Degree in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy. She is a warm, kind caring therapist who values individuality. Her caring nature contributes to providing a safe environment for children to work though their concerns and issues. Julie is naturally drawn to working relationally as she holds the belief that as human beings we are wired for connection from conception. She believes healthy relationships with self and other are vital for healthy growth psychologically, socially, and emotionally.


Tel: 07508 845512



Associate Counsellor at Time to Listen

Andrew Dolan

Andrew Dolan began his career as a support worker in a private residential rehab and has continued to work his way up the career ladder, becoming an experienced and qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Andrew worked in addiction services for over 15 years in a range of settings, including private residential rehabs, prison and community-based work. In more recent years, he has trained and developed skills in Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP), working with children and families to make necessary changes, building on healthy relationships and dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression and trauma.

Each of the settings Andrew has worked in has afforded him the opportunity to work with a client base that he has valued and empathised with, and he feels he has seen a positive impact on the clients that he has come into contact with. Andrew was responsible for the development and implementation of Independent Family Services, Stepping Stones, 12-week PTSD/substance misuse and abstinence-based addiction treatment for ReNew, all of which involved managing and facilitating group work and one-to-one counselling in Hull. Andrew continued to play an important role in expanding the service offer and received regular complimentary feedback from service users and partner agency’s around the growth of recovery in the city.

Andrew continually and regularly undertook supervision to support his personal reflections and development. He also engaged with a separate supervisor in relation to developing his Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) practice.

Andrew is approachable, down to earth and offers confidential counselling in a relaxed setting. Having benefitted from these types of services as a young man and having a family of his own, he is able to draw on real life experiences as well as counselling techniques and principles.


Diploma in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic counselling

Dyadic Development Psychotherapy DDP level 1 and 2


Tel: 07809 433880



Associate Counsellor at Time to Listen

Helen Allison

Helen joined Time To Listen in 2017 as a trainee counsellor, during this time she completed training in Comprehensive Resource Model, Helen qualified in August 2019 and became a permanent member of the team in October 2020, she will be undertaking Dyadic Development Psychotherapy Training in November 2020.

Helen is a warm, empathic and committed counsellor who feels strongly about supporting and improving the emotional wellbeing of others.

Working with children and young people in various School settings since 2010 Helen understands the importance of active listening and the power this has on relationships and people’s mental health. Helen has a special interest in trauma and the impact that has on your body.

As a Person Centred Counsellor Helen believes creating a trusting relationship in a safe and comfortable environment, offering warmth, understanding and being present encourages clients to explore and improve their lives to both manage their emotions and to overcome personal difficulties in order to create positive change and more fulfilling and happier lives.

Helen is also contracted to the NHS Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies service.

Helen is a member of the BACP and is committed to following their Ethical Framework.

Telephone: 07976 562065


Associate Counsellor

Ruth Laband

Ruth is a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor who is a registered and accredited member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Ruth has an MA in Counselling Children and Young People, obtained at Nottingham University. She also has a Diploma in Parent Child Therapy and has completed her DDP training. She is currently working towards becoming a DDP certified practitioner.

Ruth has experience working in mainstream and private schools at both primary and secondary level. She has spent 3 years working in a domestic violence support service, counselling children and young people affected by domestic abuse. The last 10 years Ruth has been in private practice, working directly with schools and secured an NHS tender as a provider of counselling and psychotherapy for children young people and their families.

Associate Counsellor
DDP Trained
Specialist Counsellor for Children, Young People and Families
Registered Adoption Counsellor



Tel: 07581291888

Associate Counsellor

Samantha Vizor

Samantha joined the Time to Listen team as a student counsellor in 2017 and became an Associate Counsellor in July 2018 after she achieved her Masters in Relationship Therapy and Art Psychotherapy.

Samantha is a BACP accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor. Samantha works therapeutically with individuals and families with Time to Listen after completed training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). Samantha is passionate about attachment and so works with developing relationships therapeutically and in helping parents and children build trusting relationships. Samantha delivers Therapeutic Parenting Training, Art Therapy, CRM, Individual counselling and DDP.

Samantha has experience working with couples and families through Relate for over 4 years and also offers therapeutic support through the NHS. After doing placements for her therapeutic training at a residential home and a nursery, Samantha is able to meet the needs of all ages. Samantha is committed to continuing professional development, especially in areas of attachment, relationships, trauma and regulation. Samantha is warm, friendly and empathic.

Samantha understands the significance of working creatively as her training has focused on how the brain is stimulated when being creative and how it can be used as an outlet to express and process. Especially with young children, there is more opportunity to create new neural pathways with creative methods. Samantha combines her knowledge of attachment, PACCE and Art Psychotherapy to meet the needs of clients. Samantha is a member of the BACP and is committed to following their Ethical Framework.

MA Relationship Therapy
MA Art Psychotherapy.
DDP Level 1 and 2
Working with Families creatively certificate

Telephone: 07513168282


Associate Counsellor

Julie Dimmack

Julie works predominantly as a person-centred therapist and works creatively using elements of other approaches to meet the client’s individual needs. She is experienced in working with children, young people, adults and families. She has worked at various organisations, schools and colleges which has given her the experience and knowledge she holds today.

Julie qualified in 2015 to level 4 therapeutic counselling and has achieved numerous certificates supporting her continuous professional development to enable her further knowledge working with the vulnerable, young and older clients with mental, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Julie’s person-centred background offers a warm non-judgemental trusting safe space, enabling the therapeutic relationship to form and promote change.

Email: julie.dimmack@timetolisten.co.uk

Tel: 07521 452982

Elizabeth Oyewole, Associate Counsellor.

Associate Counsellor

Elizabeth Oyewole

Elizabeth joined Time to Listen in September 2018 as a trainee counsellor while acquiring a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. Elizabeth is passionate about providing support to individuals, and values the growth and development of children and young people. This has led to working voluntarily in different organisations and schools, working one-to-one with children, young people and adults from diverse backgrounds with a vast range of circumstances and issues, gaining experience and training in Play Therapy, working with Metaphor, including working with addiction: alcohol, drug and substance abuse. Therefore, having vast experience of multi-professional working and cooperation with various organisations and schools, Elizabeth brings with her a multidisciplinary approach to her work, working in a holistic way with clients as they become increasingly autonomous and actualise to their full potential.

Elizabeth values that every client experiences events in accordance to his or her own phenomenal field. Thus, as a Person-centred Counsellor Elizabeth believes in providing a private and empathic space whereby the client can be really heard from his or her unique felt-experience and internal frame of reference.

Since qualifying as a counsellor in 2019, Elizabeth continues to gain further professional development, completing training in Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM). Elizabeth continues to strive for ongoing development to support her clients and society at large.

Elizabeth maintains independent professional standards, as a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy [BACP] and adheres to their Ethical Framework.



Tel: 07898 105084

Marie Lupton — Associate Counsellor

Associate Counsellor

Marie Lupton

Marie joined the Time to Listen team as an Associate Counsellor in February 2019.

Marie is a BACP registered psychotherapeutic counsellor and is also a Social Worker registered with Social Work England. Marie works therapeutically with individuals and families having completed training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). Marie also works as an independent Social Worker and therapist specialising in working with fostering and adoption. Marie is contracted by various agencies to support and train families, foster carers and staff who work with children who are, or who have been through the looked after care system. Marie works from an attachment/ trauma perspective and delivers Therapeutic Parenting Training, effective interventions and PACE courses.

Marie also works for The Fostering Network as an advocate working on behalf of Foster Carers who had allegations/complaints made against them.

Marie became involved with therapeutic parenting when she worked in residential care and was supporting children with complex needs. Marie believes it is vital to promote better outcomes for children who have suffered early life trauma and this can be achieved by significantly improving the consistency and quality of support available to all parents regardless whether they are Foster Carers, Adopters, Kinship Carers, Special Guardians, Step Parents, or Birth parents.

Marie has particular interests in relational trauma and attachment and this is reflected in her commitment to continuing professional development which has included Comprehensive Resource Modelling (CRM) and Hypnotherapy. Marie is compassionate, respectful and empathic. Marie works in an integrative way but her main model is Transactional Analysis (TA) the ethos of which is everyone has the capacity to think, change and is equal to all others.

Marie has completed a Diploma in Transactional Analysis and Psychotherapeutic Counselling and is a registered member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Marie has completed DDP Level 1 and 2 training and delivers Nurturing and Foundations for Attachment training among other topics.

Marie holds a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has completed Comprehensive Resource Modelling (CRM) training.

Marie is a member of BACP and Social Work England and is committed to following their Ethical Frameworks.

Telephone: 07446 323324


Associate Counsellor.

Lou Edwards

Lou joined the Time to Listen team as an Associate Counsellor in January 2018.

Lou works therapeutically with individuals and families having completed training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Lou is also a Registered Adoption Counsellor.

Since qualifying in 2007 Lou has worked in various settings including Relationships Scotland, Someone Cares North East and Lou is currently also contracted to the NHS Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies service.

Lou has a specific interest in trauma and its effect on individuals and has recently completed some training in Comprehensive Resource Model.

Lou has a warm and person centred approach to working, often working creatively due to having a background in Music and Arts Management.

DDP trained.
Specialist Counsellor for Young People, Children and Families.
Registered Adoption Counsellor.
Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
BACP Registered Counsellor.

Telephone 07963 704710



Associate Counsellor

Sarah Glover

Sarah began working with children in 2009 delivering Relax Kids sessions in local primary schools in North Lincolnshire. Sessions were designed to encouraged children to develop a healthy outlook on life through dance and exercise, fun through play, positive affirmations and relaxation.

It was also during this time that she began her Forest School training. Forest school is a ‘child-centred inspirational learning process, that offers opportunities for holistic growth through play, exploration and supported risk taking. It is designed to help develop confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting’. By 2011 Sarah had achieved her level 2 and level 3 Forest School Management qualifications and was working 1 to 1 with children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Working with these children inspired and encouraged Sarah to expand her knowledge and understanding of working with children and young people to meet their emotional and wellbeing needs. And so by 2014 Sarah began her (FdA) foundation degree in Counselling through the University of Hull.

Once graduating from the University of Hull and subsequently the University of Lincoln (2016) having achieved a (BSc) Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Social Care Sarah felt well equipped to start her own counselling practice. Her main client group being children and young people she has since worked privately in various North Lincolnshire schools as well as delivering individual sessions. She has also organised school staff group connectivity sessions because of recognising the need for school staff support as well as private adult individual therapy sessions.

Sarah believes being a person centre therapist and working with a child/person’s emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills, is key to helping children and adults develop well and become successful in all that they choose.

FdA Counselling 2016
BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (elective choice: working with children and families) 2017
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 2017
Mindfulness for Wellbeing in Schools Certificate 2019
Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People Certificate 2019
Child Psychology Diploma 2019



Tel: 07793 145337

Associate Counsellor

Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa has joined Time To Listen as an Associate Counsellor. She is a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Vanessa is currently studying for her Foundation Degree in Contemporary Approaches to Counselling including Development and Attachment Theories, Advanced Research, Advances Professional Practice, Online and Telephone working, CBT and 3rd Wave CBT, CFT, Mindfulness, Trauma and Contemporary working Models of Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Bereavement.

Vanessa has volunteered over the past ten years for various charities. The charities include Aim Higher as a Representative and Advocate, KIDS Charity as a befriender, Home-Start working with families who have children under five. These charities support children and their families, she also can take from her experience as a parent of individuals with a disability. Vanessa undertook her placement training with Inner Child Potential working with those affected by abuse, rape, sexual trauma or other childhood trauma.

Vanessa is a fully trained Cruse Bereavement Care support worker. She also has voluntary experience in The Elvin Centre which is a part of Aspire Academy providing emotional support to pupils.

Vanessa is a member of BACP including working with Children, Young People and Family. She is committed to following the BACP Ethical Framework for Counselling Professions.

Vanessa is a friendly warm, non-judgemental person who uses her compassion, knowledge and skills as a Person-Centred counsellor to help her clients to facilitate positive change.

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Behaviour that Challenges Level 2

Understanding Autism Level 2

Cruse Bereavement Care Support Foundation Course.

Sue Morris

Associate Counsellor.

Sue Morris

Sue has recently joined the Time to Listen team as an Associate Counsellor having successfully completed her Counselling training. Sue successfully completed her Student Counselling placement within Time to Listen. Working at Time to Listen has been imperative to her growth as a Counsellor as it has gained her the experience she has needed to support others.

As an adoptive parent herself Sue has a special interest in working with individuals whose lives have been touched by adoption. She has overcome many hurdles with her family and had to embrace an alternative way of parenting, she has also embraced family focused attachment therapy. She has seen first-hand the difference the correct therapy can make. Her experiences have directed her onto her path towards being a counsellor.

Sue is a member of the BACP and follows their Ethical Framework.

She also continually seeks to increase her knowledge with regular Continuous Professional Development such as Connecting with Shame, Recognising and Healing Shame in Children and Adolescents, Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic and Working with Suicide and Self-harm and other courses and training. She also regularly checks in with her supervisor.

She has completed a course of study and gained a certificate in Mindfulness and values this as its focuses upon living in the here and now.

Drawing upon her personal and professional experiences Sue offers a non-judgemental, honest and empathic counselling service for individuals who are facing life challenges and she believes that acknowledging emotions and feelings allows the individual to feel them which in turn allows a healing process to begin.



Tel: 07858916167

Associate Counsellor

Michaela Kendall

Michaela joined time to listen in 2019 whilst completing her placement with York St John. She is now an integrative therapist working to build a strong therapeutic relationship that is free of judgement. Michaela believes that being accepted and listened too plays a key role in healing and makes this a priority. She works by offering a warm and inviting place where clients are able to bring their worries, stresses and past traumas in a space that is safe. Together with the client Michaela will help to unpack and explore what is present in each session with the hope to create greater self awareness and inner confidence that promotes a more fulfilled and connected relationships with others.

Michaela has completed her postgraduate diploma in counselling at York St John University, and a level 1 within Dyadic Development Psychotherapy (DDP). Previously She has gained a degree in psychology with Leeds Beckett.

Michaela is interested in person centred and gestalt techniques always aiming to work in the present moment and attend to the felt sense. She believes when we attend to this part of ourselves and have the courage to be seen, we can grow and heal.

Contact: 07749637289

Email: michaela.kendall@timetolisten.co.uk

Associate Counsellor

Lynette Booth-Malone

Lynette Booth-Malone been at Time to Listen (TTL) as a student counsellor since November 2019, she graduated from Coventry University Scarborough her BA in Integrated Counselling with a First Class Honours in 2021. Lynette has gained a place at TTL as an Associate Counsellor and is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Since 2010 Lynette has been a Local Authority Foster Carer and Support Assistant for both a young person with cerebral palsy and an elderly disabled lady. In the past he has worked in a factory, in insurance, recruitment and has worked in party plan to support her young family. Before having her family she served in the Light Infantry of the Territorial Army and worked in a Book showroom near the Barbican in London for three years.

She is committed to training and courses attended include: Domestic Violence and Children's Needs, Attachment, Mental Health and Substance Misuse, Substance Misuse and the Impact on Children, Working with children who have been sexually abused and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (Families). She recently completed Level 1 Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Training and looks to complete Level 2 in the New Year.

She started Counselling Level 1 and 2 Skills with a local college to supplement her fostering training and experienced the impact it had on her relationships with the children she cared for. She and her family have shared their home with in excess of 18 children with various lengths of stay from 1 night to 6 1/2 years. Experiences of children going home to birth family, supporting children going onto adoption, gaining 'permanence' and having adopted herself make her an experiential practitioner here at Time to Listen.

Contact: 07702 890591


Associate Counsellor

Ellen Jones

I joined Time to Listen in October 2020 as a student counsellor and having now completed my postgraduate diploma in Counselling at York St John University I am currently working as an Associate Counsellor. I have completed my Level 1 training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). I am registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework.

I am an integrative counsellor, incorporating person centred, existential and gestalt elements into my work with clients. I create a calm and reflective space for clients to share their experiences. My gentle and compassionate manner evokes a welcoming and accepting environment for clients to feel fully heard. I believe fundamentally in the strength of the relationship between client and counsellor and the path to recovery this can lead to.

Mobile: 07542482886



Associate Counsellor

Mary Moverley

Mary joined Time to Listen as a student counsellor in January 2021, before qualifying in October 2021 with a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. Currently studying towards a UKCP qualification in Relational Integrative Psychotherapy at the Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute, Mary has a dual role at Time to Listen as an associate counsellor and a trainee psychotherapist.

Primarily working within a Person-Centred Approach, Mary has an acute awareness of what it means to truly listen and acknowledge someone's pain, enabling her to offer a compassionate, non-judgemental, and confidential space within the context of a trusting therapeutic relationship.

During her time with Time to Listen Mary has completed Level 1 in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy with a view to undertaking Level 2 towards the end of 2022.

Mary is also a fully trained Bereavement Support Volunteer with Cruse Bereavement Care where she undertakes regular professional training in grief and loss.

As a parent carer and a governor at a local school for children with additional needs, Mary has been actively involved in supporting families on a one-to-one and a group basis for many years. Having witnessed and experienced first-hand the struggles and complexities of family life, she trained to be a counsellor to empower her to use her experiences to help others. She has a specific interest in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing within the local community, and has been invited to speak at several professional training events for the Local Authority.


Tel: 07507 683522



Ryan Reed, Associate Counsellor

Associate Counsellor

Ryan Reed

Ryan joined Time to Listen in April 2022 as an associate counsellor. He has a degree in Psychology and English and a level 6 in Integrative Transactional Analysis psychotherapeutic Counselling. Ryan is currently working towards his level 7 as a Psychotherapist.

He has a background in working with trauma and through his experiences firmly believes that agreed change is always possible. He likes to work in an integrative way drawing on a number of different modes to explore how disowned, unaware, unresolved aspects of the personality can affect our here and now relationships and how we live life today. He is a firm believer in the philosophy of positive intent which he believes creates the ideal condition to promote internal connection and harmony helping us all to bring the self back into balance.



Student Counsellor
Certificate to Practice

Hannah White

Hannah White is currently completing her Level Four Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. She knew from the start that she wanted to undertake her placement with children and young people, so Time to Listen shone out and she is thrilled to be joining this service.

Having been taken out of mainstream school due to anxieties, Hannah managed to gain the qualifications to go to Hull University and after completing her degree she went on to complete a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, primarily as she wanted to work with children.

Whilst she loved most of the teaching role, she was particularly drawn to offering emotional support when she worked as an Out of School Tuition Tutor, making home visits to individual children excluded from their school. This involved extensive inter-agency work, including social services, education, safeguarding, parents, and guardians to name but a few.

In doing so, Hannah also learned more about the benefit of good, person-centred counselling and support, realising this was the role she wanted to pursue.

This was further compelled by her own experience, when as a teenager she was passed around services and on the receiving end of 'counselling'. Looking back with disbelief at some of these services Hannah reached the realisation that she wanted to make a positive contribution, that is foremost about, and for the benefit of the child/young person.

Now a single parent to two girls, Hannah is even more determined that good mental health is enshrined and promoted in everyday life for children and young people, as she believes this can underpin their wellbeing, confidence, and self-worth throughout their life.

Hannah’s course, studies, and life/work experiences, alongside her caring, genuine, and compassionate nature have all brought her to Time to Listen.



M: 07942320828

Student Counsellor

Kerry Olivier

Kerry is a Trainee counsellor, currently studying at York St John’s University. Kerry feels strongly that acceptance, warmth and trust are key factors in developing an effective counselling relationship.

Kerry works with her clients to create a non-judgemental environment in which the client feels safe and accepted. Based primarily on a Person-Centred Approach to therapy, Kerry has an Integrative practice that focuses on the client and their needs, working towards goals and outcomes that the client sets.



Mobile: 07969649778

Student Counsellor

Ellie Aistrop

Ellie is currently in her first year of her foundation degree for contemporary approaches to counselling with University of Hull, which is delivered at East Riding College.

Ellie believes everyone has the right to good emotional health and loves the ethos Time to listen has, that everyone should have the ability to access counselling without meeting a certain criteria. This is one of the many reasons why Ellie wants to do her placement with time to listen.

Ellie will use the person centred approach meaning she will work in an honest, non-judgmental and empathic way, respecting the right to individuality, positive regard and choices, whilst staying client focused, recognising the need for positive change and building a trusting therapeutic relationship.



Contact Number: 07989 290744

Student Counsellor

Corry Fawcett

Corry was inspired to become a therapist after she and her wife adopted their daughter, whilst also working for the Alzheimer's Society charity and caring for elderly relatives who both had dementia. She has personal experience of the benefits of receiving therapy to help manage life's ups and downs.

Corry is a warm, compassionate and creative therapist. She has a great sense of humour and holds proudly the belief that every one of us is valuable and beautiful in our differences. It is of the utmost importance to Corry that she brings a realness, hope and honesty to her practice. Her down to earth, inclusive way offers the opportunity to feel safe and to trust the process of therapy.

Corry believes that an awareness of who we are, how we think and what we feel, helps us learn that it's OK to be ourselves. Our past can help us make sense of our lives but it does not have to define us. It is through creating a genuine sense of connection in how we relate to ourselves and others that we can empower ourselves to change our thinking, feeling and behaviour.

Corry is currently in year three of the Level 7 Diploma in Integrative and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy through The Ellesmere Centre in Hull. Corry is a trainee member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and following their codes of ethics supports her integrity as a therapist.



Mobile: 07889 848146

Trainee Counselling Psychologist

Miranda Ledger-Thorne

Miranda joined Time to Listen in April 2021 on a student placement while studying for her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at Teesside University. She has previous experience of working as a Mental Health Recovery Worker where she supported people with severe mental health difficulties in a crisis and respite accommodation, and she has also volunteered with Samaritans.

Miranda is an integrative therapist and uses elements of both counselling and psychology to create a safe and supportive environment for clients. She uses a warm, empathic, and non-judgemental approach to build a strong therapeutic relationship with each client to help them with their mental health.

Level 1, 2, and 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills 2019/2020 East Riding College

Psychology, BSc (Hons) 2019 University of Hull



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