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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

Counselling for Adoption Issues as specified by Law

In December 2010, the law changed so that only counsellors and psychotherapists registered as an adoption support agency (ASA) with Ofsted are able to offer specialist adoption services. in order to provide this service and comply with the law, Time to Listen is registered with Ofsted.

These amendments to the Adoption and Children's Act of 2002 were designed to ensure that the one in four UK individuals affected by adoption in some way, are provided with support and services from practitioners who hold the proper qualifications and experience.

As a result of this legislation any counsellor working with a client were any aspect of adoption is the main focus must be an Approved Adoption Counsellor, registered with an adoption support agency.

All Approved Adoption Counsellors for Time to Listen have a certificate with this border, taken from a traditional Navajo Indian decorative motif. The Navajo were and are family orientated and, "Navajo spiritual practice is about restoring balance and harmony to a person's life, to produce health”.

Time to Listen CIC - Statement of Purpose

Time to Listen CIC is a ‘not for profit’ Community Interest Company (CIC) which specialises in working with children, young people, adults, and families. At Time to Listen CIC we value individuals in all areas of our work. All our team members are a vital part of our not-for-profit organisation, and we recognise the importance of maintaining the ethos held within the organisation. Our optimal goal is:

“To be the leading centre of therapeutic counselling services, recognised for the warmth, understanding and continuous development of its team of exceptional counsellors/therapists who enable children, young people, adults and families to personally develop and thrive.”

Our Beliefs

At Time to Listen we believe that:

- Families are the building blocks of communities.

- Communities comprise families who share common attitudes, interests, values, and goals, resulting in feelings of belonging and caring for each other.

- Supporting vulnerable families at the earliest possible stage equips them with skills to raise well-adjusted children, enabling families to become strong community building blocks.

- Today’s well-adjusted children can be tomorrow’s parents who carry forward those skills to raise the next generation of well-adjusted children, to build future communities.

Our Mission Statement

Time to Listen’s Mission Statement is:

“To improve the mental health and wellbeing of children, young people, adults, and families by providing a range of therapeutic interventions that are respectful of and responsive to their preferences, needs and values to help achieve positive change.”

Our Core Values

Time to Listen CIC’s Core Values are:

Confidential – discrete and committed to maintaining client confidentiality.

Accepting – non-judgemental and congruent.

Respectful – of our client’s autonomy, their human rights and dignity.

Empathic – to identify with our clients and enhance the therapeutic relationship.

Our Key Objectives

Time to Listen CIC’s Key Objectives are to:

- Provide qualified and experienced Psychotherapists and Counsellors to work in a person-centred way.

- Provide a high-quality service that meets the needs of the service users.

- Provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions to meet the needs of children, young people, adults, and families.

- Promote and improve emotional and mental health for children, young people, and adults.

- Maintain and develop a professional workforce in an inspirational and understanding working environment.

- Maintain services that meet the needs of our clients.

- To ensure we maintain confidentiality and security of all records and information.

- Invest in workforce training to ensure skills reflect the needs of our client base.

- Provide a supportive Trainee Counsellor/Psychotherapy Placement.

- Provide external training on a range of topics to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families which is accessible to a wide audience.

- Work in partnership with other services in the statutory and voluntary sectors.

- Work to provide any other relevant and related service for which there is a genuine demand and inadequate provision.

- Keep ourselves informed of all research and good practice in the field of counselling and psychotherapy.

Our Team

The Time to Listen CIC Team

We have an ambitious, qualified, dedicated, and professional team who are all passionate and excited about the work we do to make a difference to the lives of the children and adults whom we support.

We have created the opportunity for all our team to contribute their creative ideas on how we can continuously improve the quality and range of services we provide and help deliver our company Vision over time.

An Ofsted Registered Adoption Support Agency

Ofsted Registration

Time to Listen CIC registered with Ofsted as an adoption support agency in January 2018 to include the provision of support and therapy to people affected by adoption in the work that we undertake. Time to Listen has been inspected twice by Ofsted to date. Our first inspection was undertaken in February 2019 and our most recent inspection was completed in May 2023. These inspections confirm that we continuously provide effective adoption support services that meet the requirements for good. You can read our Ofsted reports via https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/8/1250134

Adoption Support

As an Ofsted registered adoption support agency, we aim to support children and young people who have been adopted to develop in a safe, nurturing, and supportive home where their self-esteem and self-confidence can grow strong for them to reach their true potential. To achieve this our counsellors will work to help children and young people who have been adopted tohave a clear understanding of their history and form a positive view of themselves. We therefore develop a plan of therapeutic support tailored to the unique needs of each individual and family based upon our trauma informed and attachment focused, family-centred therapy model. Therapy plans are delivered by our team of specialist adoption counsellors who offer a good understanding of the challenges that may be faced as an adopted person and / or as an adoptive family.

Therapies Provided

Time to Listen’s well-developed trauma informed and attachment focused, family-centred therapy model is underpinned by Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (referred to as “DDP”), promoting the principles of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy). DDP has been developed by an American Psychologist called Daniel Hughes. DDP is internationally recognised and implemented around the world. This psychological therapy facilitates attachment security enabling the child to access comfort and safety from their caregivers to reduce the impact of their adverse childhood experiences. Time to Listen’s DDP trained therapists together with the child’s caregiver(s) enable the child to develop new meanings of their trauma without terror or shame to build a secure platform for their future.

Our counselling and therapy team also offer a wider range of individual therapies to help individuals explore their concerns, thoughts, and feelings to improve their emotional well-being and bring about effective and lasting change. Our psychotherapists and counsellors listen and offer a non-judgemental space to enable the individual to explore and make sense of their external situation and their inner, emotional world. This is achieved with the person feeling heard and understood unconditionally and compassionately.

Some of the counselling and psychotherapy models applied within Time to Listen CIC are specifically applied for trauma related difficulties (also commonly referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder) as we recognise the lasting impact trauma can have upon a person. Our therapists, who have additional training and ongoing supervision to deliver these trauma-focused therapies, focus upon thinking about what has happened to the person, not what is wrong with them. The therapies applied within Time to Listen CIC that enable people to process and recover from their disturbing and traumatic life experiences that are affecting their mental health and emotional well-being include:

- Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

- Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

- Towards a Dialectical Self (TDS)

In addition, members of our core team of therapists adopt a range of different counselling and psychotherapy approaches to support people with a wider range of emotional and mental health difficulties, including for example:

Person-centred counselling which focuses upon the power of the relationship between the therapist and the client to bring about effective and lasting change. The counsellor offers unconditional positive regard, empathy, and congruence to help the individual come to terms with any negative feelings and to change and develop in their own way.

Transactional Analysis (often referred to as TA) which is a comprehensive therapy model that considers the learnt thoughts, feelings and behaviours that were communicated to us in earlier relationships from self and other. The model supports self-awareness in the here and now and can help the person understand how they interact and engage with others to positively bring about effective change.

Furthermore, our team of therapists provide a range of creative approaches, including:

Therapeutic play that is primarily used with children providing them with the opportunity to express their feelings and work through emotional problems. The therapist meets the child at their emotional and developmental level in a safe, comfortable space well equipped with soft furnishings and toys to optimise the therapeutic work of play.

Art therapy uses making art as the main form of communication to explore and communicate issues, feelings and emotions which may be too difficult or distressing to communicate in words. Art therapy is used with individuals and groups of all different ages.


Our adoption support therapy is often arranged through the Adoption Social Worker supporting the child or young person. We can provide the Adoption Social Worker with costings for a potential application for funding to the Adoption Support Fund to cover the costs of the therapy. We also welcome referrals from other professionals and agencies as well as self-funding referrals.

We aim to ensure our service is accessible to local people living across Hull and East Riding. To achieve this, we are continually looking for suitable funding and charitable grants that we can apply for to enable those who are not connected with health or social care services, and who are unable to fund their therapy themselves, to be able to access our support in a timely way.

More Information

We are happy to provide more information about the service we provide. You can gain more information by:

Visiting our website: https://timetolisten.co.uk

Submitting an online contact form: https://timetolisten.co.uk/contact-timetolisten.php

Speaking to us via our main mobile number: 07377 979950

Sending us an email:


Providing Your Feedback

We are always keen to know what people think about Time to Listen CIC as we continually strive to carry out activities in a way that is fair, efficient, effective, and professional. Feedback is fundamental in helping us to understand what we’re doing well and what can be improved upon. Feedback including compliments, concerns and comments about the service can be provided in a number of ways: -

- We have a range of Client Evaluation forms which can be easily accessed by our service users via the Time to Listen CICwebsite: https://timetolisten.co.uk or obtained from the Counsellor / Therapist;

- Feedback can also be submitted via the online ‘Contact Time to Listen’ Form accessed via: https://timetolisten.co.uk/contact-timetolisten.php;

- Feedback can be shared with the member of the Time to Listen CIC team you are in contact with (such as your Counsellor/Therapist). You can find the contact details of team members within the ‘Meet the Team’ section of our website; and

- By calling Janet Woodhouse, Chief Executive on 07377 979950 or writing to Janet via:

Time to Listen CIC
Marvell House Children’s Centre
Cranbourne Street


Adoption Support Concerns or Complaint

If, as a client, professional, partner organisation, volunteer, or member of the public you have a complaint about something Time to Listen CIC has done, or about the actions, behaviour or attitude of a staff member, Associate Counsellor, Student Counsellor, or Independent Supporter then please follow the procedure outlined below:

Stage 1:

All our team will be receptive and appreciative of your feedback. Please do seek to discuss any issues or concerns directly with the team member that you are working with. They will aim to respond promptly and will strive to resolve the matter with you in an understanding manner.

Stage 2:

If you do not feel comfortable or able to discuss or resolve matters with the team member concerned, please contact Janet Woodhouse, Chief Executive. Janet will seek to clarify the specific details of your complaint. You can contact Janet by phone, email or in writing. Please mark the email or envelope “CONFIDENTIAL COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE”. Time to Listen CIC will write to you to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days and will offer a timescale for investigating your complaint and responding fully to you. If there are any delays in meeting the anticipated deadline, you will be notified, and the reasons explained. You will be informed in writing of the outcome of the investigation.

Please note that if a complaint relates to a child or young person who is known to the Local Authority, the Local Authority will be informed and consulted. The Local Authority will also have their own complaints process that the child or young person may wish to access, also.

In the event of not being satisfied with our service’s response after you have followed our complaints process or you feel unable to contact us about the issue you wish to raise then you can contact Ofsted as this is Time to Listen CIC’s regulator which checks that we are doing things properly against the required standards and legal requirements for adoption support agencies. You can contact Ofsted via: -

Ofsted website: www.ofsted.gov.uk

Ofsted email:


Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Ofsted telephone number: 0300 123 1231

If your concerns relate to a Counsellor or Psychotherapist, you can contact their own professional regulatory body. This may be the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) or The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


The Statement of Purpose was reviewed, updated and approved by the directors of Time to Listen CIC on 31st July 2023.

Statement of Purpose pdf Version

Time to Listen's Statement of Purpose can be accessed and downloaded via the following link:

TTL Statement of Purpose 2023 (Approved 31st July 2023).pdf