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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

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Time to Listen are dependant upon charitable funds and fundraising to ensure counselling and therapeutic services are accessible to local children, young people and families who would otherwise be unable to access such support.

This is particularly important as demand upon our services is ever-growing. You can donate here:

Our Vision Statement

“To be the leading centre of therapeutic counselling services, recognised for the warmth, understanding and continuous development of its team of exceptional counsellors/therapists who enable children, young people, adults and families to personally develop and thrive.”

March 2023

Vacancy and Placement News

See our latest vacancy and placement positions here.

NOTICE: Referrals to Time to Listen

10th November 2023

We are currently CLOSED to new referrals due to the high demand upon our service. We will review this position early January 2024.


We do not have any training currently pending. Please continue to visit our website for future training news and updates.

Contact phone number update

Please note that our contact number has changed, and is now

07377 979950

Time to Listen Videos

Gail Thornton of Time to Listen hosts a series of videos which explain and add context to the counselling methods and thoughts that underpin the therapy they undertake. There is a pay to view video, 'Understanding, Helping and Supporting Children and Adolescents who Self-Harm' and a series of free to view videos all to be found here

We are here to help you.

So, what is Time To Listen?

We are here to help you with your worries, troubles, anger and anything else that is getting in the way of you just being happy. It is a place to talk about the big things that might be causing you to get upset or feel bad. Sometimes the big things might be because of school, family or friends.
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Adoption Support Service

Time to Listen is here to help you talk about your feelings, thoughts and troubles and help you make good choices for yourself, all the way through the adoption process.
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We employ a wide range of therapy and counselling methods.

Counselling & Therapy

Time to Listen employs a wide range of Counselling and Therapy models, each adapted to the client, be it child, young person, adult, family or a situation such as a school. From EMDR to Family Systems Therapy to Anger Management Workshops amongst others, we are able to use the most appropriate pathway to get to the destination.

We offer training to both individuals and organisations.


Our expertise, developed by Time to Listen members over many years, enables us to offer training to individuals and organisations, including schools. The benefit of sound training is to be found in the confidence of subsequent working methods, and helps in being both effective in outcome and in terms of cost.

Our support adds value to your efforts.


By offering effective support, we can help magnify the efforts of others. From individual clients, to families and organisations, good support bridges potential crisis points, and adds value to work being done. This allows each person to concentrate on what really matters, without distractions and unnecessary worry.

Funding grants successfully awarded from the following have enabled Time to Listen to thrive and grow as an essential therapeutic service despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding has enabled Time to Listen to continue being responsive to the needs of our local communities.

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