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We specialise in working with children, young people and families, but also provide counselling for adults

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Important Announcement

We are re-open to referrals for face to face therapeutic sessions as Time to Listen is operating a continuous risk assessment process to ensure it’s premises are COVID-secure.

COVID-19 resources for children, young people and families

COVID-19 guidance on supporting children and young people

An educational story for children and young people to help them understand safety during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Trauma Dynamics — information regarding the dynamics and avoidance of trauma from Coronavirus – pdf format.

We are here to help you.

So, what is Time To Listen?

We are here to help you with your worries, troubles, anger and anything else that is getting in the way of you just being happy. It is a place to talk about the big things that might be causing you to get upset or feel bad. Sometimes the big things might be because of school, family or friends.
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Adoption Support Service

Time to Listen is here to help you talk about your feelings, thoughts and troubles and help you make good choices for yourself, all the way through the adoption process.
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We employ a wide range of therapy and counselling methods.

Counselling & Therapy

Time to Listen employs a wide range of Counselling and Therapy models, each adapted to the client, be it child, young person, adult, family or a situation such as a school. From EMDR to Family Systems Therapy to Anger Management Workshops amongst others, we are able to use the most appropriate pathway to get to the destination.

We offer training to both individuals and organisations.


Our expertise, developed by Time to Listen members over many years, enables us to offer training to individuals and organisations, including schools. The benefit of sound training is to be found in the confidence of subsequent working methods, and helps in being both effective in outcome and in terms of cost.

Our support adds value to your efforts.


By offering effective support, we can help magnify the efforts of others. From individual clients, to families and organisations, good support bridges potential crisis points, and adds value to work being done. This allows each person to concentrate on what really matters, without distractions and unnecessary worry.